About Us

Zinity is proudly brought to you by the team at Lothlorian Knitwear.

We have been keeping New Zealand warm for the past thirty years with our wonderful Possum and Merino knitwear.

Our range is so wonderfully light and warm that word soon spread and we are now supplying our Lothlorian range to canny shoppers around the world.

Our knitwear has always had a strong ecological message – wearing Possum and Merino helps to reduce the Possum population in New Zealand. The Australian Brushtail Possum is an introduced pest and does untold damage to New Zealand’s native flora and fauna. Over the years we have continued to become more aware of our need to be a responsible manufacturer, not only with the natural materials we use but also how we minimise our footprint on this planet. Part of this is reducing (with the goal of eliminating) waste wherever possible.

Our Zinity website is part of this initiative – it gives us the opportunity to channel our creativity in coming up with ways to reduce, reuse and recycle within our business and offer these limited edition treasures directly to the consumer. All of the product on this website has been created as part of our zero waste intiative, either using yarn spun from reprocessed possum and merino (“ReCon Possum”), ends of yarn, sample styles, deleted lines, repurposed pre-consumer knitwear.

We look forward to continuing to create new and exciting products and thank you for your support on this journey !